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The New Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR Crossover SUV was recently revealed by Toyota. The C-HR model is short for the Toyota Coupe High Rider. The C-HR originally started out as a prototype and was originally going to be placed into production under the Scion brand. The heritage of Scion certainly shows with the exterior design of the vehicle.

The C-HR brings a fresh look to the crossover SUV class, providing sleek and stylish curves that are sure to grab the attention of onlookers.

The Toyota C-HR provides an affordable solution to potential buyers that want the latest in comfort and technology that competes with the well known and more expensive luxury brands.

The C-HR will not disappoint when it comes to style, power, fuel economy, and its long list of features and specifications.

Toyota only recently shared that the Toyota C-HR will be rolling out to production. While some minor details about the SUV have not been released, Toyota shared a wealth of information with potential buyers. The Toyota C-HR may be worth the wait.

Hybrid & Turbo Engine Options

The Toyota C-HR is set to be released in the first quarter of 2017. Toyota shared that the C-HR will be available with two engine options. The first option features a hybrid model that includes the Hybrid Synergy Drive featured in the newest Prius model.

Toyota’s innovative Hybrid Synergy Drive is consistently working and utilizing the power and forces created when operating under normal driving conditions. For example, Toyota’s hybrid engine uses the force generated when decelerating or braking to recharge the engine’s battery. Without a doubt – the technology included in Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive makes their vehicles significantly more efficient than your typical gasoline powered engine.

The second option for the Toyota C-HR is a 1.2 liter turbocharged engine. The turbocharged engine provides consumers with two separate transmission options – a six speed manual transmission or Toyota’s Continuously Variable Transmission. The manual transmission is a plus as many of the competitors do not offer this as an option.

C-HR Engine Specifications And Fuel Economy

The turbocharged C-HR model produces approximately 114 horsepower with an estimated fuel economy of 41 miles per gallon. The 1.8 liter hybrid C-HR model produces approximately 120 horsepower with the combination of a gasoline powered engine and electric motor. The hybrid C-HR has an estimated fuel economy of 63 miles per gallon.

Both versions of the Toyota C-HR have impressive fuel economy even compared to its competitors. The Toyota C-HR absolutely deserves to be in the race for those consumers requiring good gas mileage and those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Fuel economy has been on the top of Toyota’s list when it comes to creating new vehicles.

First Look: Toyota’s C-HR Commercial

C-HR Exterior

The Toyota C-HR is 4360mm long, 1795mm wide, and has a height of 1555mm. The C-HR has provides enough room for five (5) passengers to fit comfortably – there is enough leg room for your back passengers to sit comfortable. Also, at first glance you may not realize the C-HR has four doors, but you can rest assured that it does. The door handle is actually locked higher up on the door, giving the illusion that the C-HR only has two (2) doors.

The Toyota C-HR comes in a variety of colors including pure white, night sky black, ultra silver, ash grey, metal stream, earth bronze, hydro blue, pearl white, and tokyo red. The availability of colors may change depending on the configuration. The Toyota C-HR provides plenty of color choices and features to customize the car to each consumers personal style.

The Toyota C-HR exterior features include a boomerang styled taillight that curves around the side of the vehicle. The Toyota C-HR also features LED daytime running lights and front fog lights.

The standard model is said to come standard with 17 inch rims, but additional options are available to the purchaser that gives the vehicle a unique feel. Additional standard and optional exterior features include a spoiler, rear backup camera, auto wipers and headlights, motion sensor alarm, and illuminated entry system.

C-HR Interior

The interior of the car is no less futuristic looking as the exterior. The interior of the Toyota C-HR is simply stunning and can provide the same technology and comfort available with luxury automobiles. Perhaps the most important feature in today’s society is the built in Bluetooth.

Drivers will be able to connect their mobile device directly to the car using the wireless technology and will be able to make and receive calls without even pulling out their phone. Audio and telephone switches are located on the steering wheel to make the experience even more enjoyable. The Toyota C-HR steering wheel also has cruise control options available to the driver. The steering wheel also contains media options to control the volume and station of your music.

The interior is lit up with a beautiful blue accent light throughout the cabin – additional options exist to add more accent lights throughout the interior of the SUV.

The Toyota C-HR has several options including road sign assist, an eight inch touch multimedia system, six audio speakers, electronic parking brake, leather steering wheel, 4.2 inch colored screen to display pertinent vehicle information, auto dimming rear view mirror, front and rear power windows, dual zone climate controlled air conditioning, USB and auxiliary connectors, and electric power steering.

The Toyota C-HR compares if not surpasses its competition when it comes to the availability of technology features. In fact, the standard configuration of the Toyota C-HR may contain more “options” than its competition.

Safety Features

The Toyota C-HR features seven airbags throughout the interior of the SUV to protect its occupants. The Toyota C-HR features traction control, hill start assist control, brake assistance, and adjustable speed limiter. The Toyota C-HR features far more than you may expect when it comes to safety features.

The C-HR features state of the art technology to make the vehicle even safer, including a pre-collision system that has pedestrian detection, lane departure alerts with steering control, anti-lock braking system, and vehicle stability control. The Toyota C-HR not only looks good, but will keep its passengers safe in the event of an accident.

How Much will Toyota C-HR Cost?

The Toyota C-HR is expected to release in the first quarter of 2017 meaning the pricing for the United States market has not yet been released, but it is expected to be priced below the Toyota Rav4. It is safe to anticipate a starting price of approximately $20,000 to $25,000 with options adding additional costs.

This price point would place it in a similar price bucket as its competitors. The hybrid model is set to be on the higher end of the price range with the turbocharged all wheel drive configuration to likely be the most expensive. It can be expected that a top of the line Toyota CH-R would approach the $30,000 mark.

Drive-Train Options

The Toyota C-HR is available with a hybrid or turbo engine. The hybrid model only comes in front wheel drive, which could deter some potential buyers as that model has substantially better fuel economy. The turbo models are available in both front wheel drive and all wheel drive configurations. The turbo model is also available in a 6 speed manual.

Compact Crossover CUV Competition

The Toyota C-HR is set to take on the competition in the crossover SUV segment. The current top contenders in this segment include the Mazda CX-3, Kia, Soul, Nissan Juke, Jeep Renegade, and Honda HR-V. Where fuel economy is concerned, the Toyota C-HR leaves the competitors in the dust.

The hybrid configuration of the Toyota C-HR simply outclasses the competition – as it should since the engine is featured in the Toyota Prius. The turbo model of the C-HR also pulls away from the competition. Each vehicle in this segment provides a unique exterior feel, but none look as futuristic as the Toyota C-HR.

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C-HR Toyota Wrap-up

The Toyota C-HR is a stunning crossover sure to shake up the competition. The Toyota C-HR provides a futuristic look with state of the art features and conveniences that are sure to impress potential buyers. One look at the car tells you how much time Toyota took in coming up with the idea. In fact, the Toyota C-HR started out as a concept and was then revealed this year as a soon to be production car. In that span of time the car only gotten better.

The Toyota C-HR is without a doubt the most futuristic vehicle in the crossover SUV segment – it may even be one of the top 5 most futuristic looking production vehicles in any segment. Match the look with the advanced technology available with the Toyota C-HR and you an amazing vehicle.

If you will be in the market for a small SUV in March or April of 2017, the Toyota C-HR is certainly worth a look. We should expect more details form Toyota by the end of fourth quarter 2016.

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